Going Green Part 2: Green & Blue

Continuing our series on using green with other colours, in this feature I’m going to show you how green can be combined with blue to brilliant effect. When used together, green and blue bring to my mind thoughts of tropical … Read More

A panel of ten

Panelled walls can be seen anywhere, from film and television sets to historical houses, pubs, restaurants and, of course, domestic interiors. To discover the history of panelling, we actually have to look back to the 15th century when there was a … Read More

A Shaker kitchen

Nestled in the north part of Cheltenham, amidst wide leafy streets, lies Helen’s detached 1930’s house which, for the past year and a half, has been subject to a big renovation project. Having been invited to take a look around, … Read More

A walk in the woods

Turning leaves, acorns, conkers, mossy covered stones and the rich palette of colours that come with the autumnal months: these are some of the things that make me feel excited about this time of year. I like drawing closed the … Read More

Roll up, roll up

Should you have space for one, then the best playrooms should be playful and whimsical – a place where a child’s imagination can run wild. What better than a circus-themed room which provides a great opportunity to bring together a … Read More

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