A Contemporary Cotswold Kitchen

Kitchen belonging to Izzi & Ed Stainton

Last week saw us visit the beautiful Cotswold home of Izzi and Ed Stainton, who have recently finished renovating their large open-plan kitchen. We asked them about how they designed the space and the places from which they sourced the furnishings.

Tell us about your style

We both love the modern country house look, with clean open spaces and a cool, contemporary palette; we tend to use pops of bright colour to add contrast where needed.

What was your starting point when designing the kitchen?

We were keen to create a lighter, airier version of the kitchen that we inherited when we bought the house, and we wanted it to feel much more contemporary in style. To achieve this, we took out a section of wall that had partially separated the kitchen from a reading area; we replaced the kitchen doors that lead directly into the garden; to increase the flow of natural light, sky-lights were installed; to maximise the feeling of openness, we also took out the kitchen door and made the entrance to this space double-width.

As Ed and I hate clutter, we spent quite a bit of time planning the storage in the kitchen to ensure that we could stow everything away.

We laid boards on the floor as a way of working out the placement of the key pieces – it was important to us that we created a gentle flow throughout the space – and in doing so, we realised that we should change the orientation of the kitchen island.

How did you decide on a colour palette for this space?

To emphasise the feeling of space, we chose a neutral palette of colours, using a number of different greys. We painted the walls in Ammonite No. 274 (a calming subtle grey) and the skirting boards in Wevet No. 273 (a delicate white with a hint of grey): both colours are from Farrow & Ball. The kitchen units are in a paint matched to RAL 7016 – a strong graphite-grey.

View across Izzi & Ed's kitchen
Tell us where you sourced the main elements from?

The kitchen itself came from the Cirencester branch of The Shaker Kitchen Company; we also sourced our Caple Yorkshire Farmhouse sink from there. We bought the worktop from Purple Granite – who were fantastic to deal with – and we are extremely pleased with our purchase; the wooden floors are wider board engineered Oak from Beswick Stone. I enjoy sourcing bargain pieces too – I bought all the lighting from ebay, and the French country-style cupboard from a friend.

We see you have added a window mirror…

The lovely mirror from Nordic House bounces light around and creates beautiful reflections in each of its segments. The dark metal frame fits in with our overall look and feel.

The reading area
Detail of framed butterflies specimens
The reading area is a nice addition, tell us about it

We’re fortunate to have beautiful views out of the kitchen and therefore we wanted to create an area where we could sit and read, or just look out into the garden and countryside beyond. We bought our sofa from Loaf and a pair of high-backed chairs in velvet from Love Your Home. The large Flamingo picture, bought from Juniqe, adds a burst of pink colour which contrasts nicely with the blues and greys in this area; the framed butterfly specimens came from Original House (a wonderful shop owned by our friends, Caddy and Archie Mackie).

What are your favourite elements of this space?

I would have to say the kitchen island: we love the expansiveness of it, which enables us to prepare the food whilst our children sit on the bar stools and chat about their day. Our village is incredibly sociable, and we often have friends popping over for coffee or a glass of wine, and it’s nice to have the space to entertain people. Eventually, we would like to find a larger dining table and some benches, which we plan to position parallel to the kitchen island so that we can have big dinner parties from time-to-time. The overall design ticks all of our boxes! The space feels warm and cosy, and yet still has the paired-back minimalist look that appeals to us.

Izzi’s sourcebook

Beswick Stone

Farrow & Ball



Love Your Home

Nordic House

Original House

Purple Granite

The Shaker Kitchen Company

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